Epidemiology of HIV Infection in the Developed World

  • Author: Mauro Schechter, MD, PhD (More Info)
  • Editors in Chief: Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD; Joseph J. Eron, Jr., MD
  • Last Reviewed: 4/1/16 (What's New)


  • HIV infection is associated with renal dysfunction, including HIV-associated nephropathy or immune complex kidney disease,[Gardenswartz 1984] thrombotic microangiopathy,[Thompson 1992] HBV- or HCV-related nephropathy,[Lai 1991; Wyatt 2008] and treatment-related toxicity
  • Acute renal failure is a common complication among ambulatory HIV-infected patients and a major predictor of death in hospitalized patients[Wyatt 2006]
  • Chronic renal impairment in HIV-infected patients has been linked to traditional risk factors (eg, age and hypertension) and to ART[Ryom 2013a; Wyatt 2007; Ryom 2013b]

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