The Young Men's Survey phase II: hepatitis B immunization and infection among young men who have sex with men.

Weinbaum CM, Lyerla R, Mackellar DA, Valleroy LA, Secura GM, Behel SK, Bingham T, Celentano DD, Koblin BA, Lalota M, Shehan DA, Thiede H, Torian LV.

Am J Public Health. 2008 May;98(5):839-45. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2006.101915. Epub 2008 Apr 1.

OBJECTIVES: We measured the prevalence of hepatitis B virus (HBV) immunization and HBV infection among men aged 23 to 29 years who have sex with men. METHODS: We analyzed data from 2834 men who have sex with men in 6 US metropolitan areas. Participants were interviewed and tested for serologic markers of immunization and HBV infection in 1998 through 2000. RESULTS: Immunization prevalence was 17.2%; coverage was 21.0% among participants with private physicians or health maintenance organizations and 12.6% among those with no source of health care. Overall, 20.6% had markers of HBV infection, ranging from 13.7% among the youngest to 31.0% among the oldest participants. Among those susceptible to HBV, 93.5% had regular sources of health care, had been tested for HIV, or had been treated for a sexually transmitted disease. CONCLUSIONS: Although many young men who have sex with men have access to health care, most are not immunized against HBV. To reduce morbidity from HBV in this population, providers of health care, including sexually transmitted disease and HIV prevention services, should provide vaccinations or referrals for vaccination.

PMID: 18382012

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