Dermatologic manifestations of HIV infection.

Maurer TA.

Top HIV Med. 2005 Dec-2006 Jan;13(5):149-54.

Although some dermatologic diseases have decreased markedly in frequency in the potent antiretroviral therapy era, other conditions remain common. Among patients with low CD4(+) cell counts who are not on or not adherent to antiretroviral therapy, notable conditions include psoriasis, photodermatitis, prurigo nodularis, molluscum, and adverse drug reactions. Conditions that remain relatively common despite adequate antiretroviral therapy include eczema, xerosis, warts, and Kaposi's sarcoma. Disorders that are associated with immune reconstitution under potent antiretroviral therapy include acne, staphylococcal infections, and erythema nodosum. In addition, HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) coinfection is associated with a number of skin disorders.

PMID: 16377853

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