Non–AIDS-Defining Cancers

  • Authors: David Aboulafia, MD; Liron Pantanowitz, MD (More Info)
  • Editors in Chief: Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD; Joseph J. Eron, Jr., MD
  • Last Reviewed: 12/12/16 (What's New)


  • Clinicians should attempt to adhere to standard, age-appropriate screening recommendations established for non-HIV–infected population (Table 2)[Phillips 2009; Primary Care Guidelines 2009; Mani 2013]
  • Currently no consensus regarding anal cancer screening in HIV[CDC OI; Neoplastic Guidelines 2007]
  • Clinicians should also promote risk-reduction behaviors (eg, safe sexual practices, smoking cessation, avoiding extreme sun exposure, and aggressive use of sunscreen)

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Keywords: Cancer