Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis and CMV antigenemia as a clue to impaired adrenocortical function in patients with AIDS.

Hoshino Y, Nagata Y, Gatanaga H, Hosono O, Morimoto C, Tachikawa N, Nomura K, Wakabayashi T, Oka S, Nakamura T, Iwamoto A.

AIDS. 1997 Nov 15;11(14):1719-24. doi: 10.1097/00002030-199714000-00008.

OBJECTIVE: To elucidate the relationship between the activity of CMV disease and adrenocortical function in patients with AIDS. DESIGN AND PATIENTS: CMV retinitis and CMV antigenemia assay (CMV-Ag: numbers of polymorphonuclear leukocytes positive for CMV pp65 antigen per 1.5 x 10(5) cells) are the least invasive and easily accessible examinations to assess the CMV disease activity. All HIV-infected patients with CD4+ lymphocyte counts < 50 x 10(6)/l who were admitted to the Research Hospital of the Institute of the Medical Science (University of Tokyo) between May 1995 to April 1996 were included in this study. METHODS: Fundoscopic examination on CMV retinitis and CMV-Ag were chosen as methods to assess CMV activity because of their simplicity. Adrenocortical function was evaluated by basal plasma adrenocorticotropin, plasma cortisol, plasma aldosterone, plasma renin activity, and responses of plasma cortisol and plasma aldosterone to 250 micrograms intravenous cosyntropin [rapid adrenocorticotropin test (RAT)]. RESULTS: Thirty patients were enrolled in this study with a maximum CD4+ lymphocyte count of 32 x 10(6)/l. Eleven out of 30 patients showed impaired RAT response (37%). Fourteen out of 30 patients had CMV retinitis. A significant correlation was found between the presence of CMV retinitis and subnormal cortisol response (P < 0.005). Sixteen out of the 30 patients were CMV-Ag-positive. A significant correlation was found between CMV-Ag positivity and subnormal cortisol response to RAT (P < 0.005). CMV-Ag levels in the patients with subnormal cortisol response to RAT were significantly higher than those with normal response (P < 0.001). Importantly, five patients with subnormal cortisol response but not overt adrenal insufficiency at the time of RAT developed overt disease shortly afterwards. Autopsy was performed in six patients with subnormal cortisol response and showed multiple inclusion bodies indicative of CMV adrenitis. CONCLUSION: The adrenal gland is most frequently affected by CMV in AIDS patients. Our result suggests that CMV retinitis or CMV-Ag positivity independently serve as an indication of possible adrenal dysfunction.

PMID: 9386806

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