Management of Neurologic Diseases

  • Authors: David M. Simpson, MD; Jessica Robinson-Papp, MD (More Info)
  • Editors in Chief: Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD; Joseph J. Eron, Jr., MD
  • Last Reviewed: 4/1/16 (What's New)


  • HIV patients are at risk for infections that involve the meninges, such as bacterial meningitis
  • Meningoencephalitis classically causes headache, nuchal rigidity, photophobia, and impaired mental status
  • Both parenchymal lesions and meningoencephalitides may cause focal and secondarily generalized seizures
  • Cryptococcal Meningitis
      Cytomegalovirus Encephalitis
        Other Central Nervous System Disorders
          Cerebrovascular Disease

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