Naltrexone plus group therapy for the treatment of opiate-abusing health-care professionals.

Roth A, Hogan I, Farren C.

J Subst Abuse Treat. 1997 Jan-Feb;14(1):19-22. doi: 10.1016/s0740-5472(96)00164-x.

PURPOSE: The success rate of a treatment program tailored to opioid-abusing health-care professionals that included oral naltrexone and group therapy was studied. METHODS: 20 opioid-abusing health professionals were treated over a 5-year-period. Clients received an initial assessment, supervised administration of naltrexone, and weekly attendance at a psychotherapy group for health professionals. Naltrexone was administered for the first several months, then patients continued the program without naltrexone. RESULTS: 18 patients were referred to the program after being caught diverting medication. Two patients came spontaneously. Of the 18 referred patients, 12 had no relapses, and 5 had only one relapse, followed by long-term sobriety. Mean overall duration of naltrexone administration was 8 months, and the mean duration in the program was 1.9 years. 94% of referred clients had long term abstinence, and 66% were working in their profession during the program. CONCLUSIONS: Naltrexone in the setting of a structured program is helpful in the treatment and professional reinstatement of opioid abusing health professionals.

PMID: 9218232

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