Special Considerations Related to Aging in Persons With HIV

  • Author: Matthew B. Goetz, MD (More Info)
  • Section Editor: Judith S. Currier, MD, MSc
  • Editors in Chief: Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD; Joseph J. Eron, Jr., MD
  • Last Reviewed: 11/1/21 (What's New)


  • Many older patients do not consider themselves to be at risk for acquiring HIV infection and are often absent from education campaigns[Grabar 2006; Lyles 2007; Pratt 2010]
  • Risk counseling is especially important for older individuals who become newly single, as older persons are less likely to use condoms[Schick 2010]
  • Persons being treated for erectile dysfunction have higher rates of incident HIV infection and are another important risk group[Jena 2010]

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