Other Viruses That Affect the Liver

  • Authors: Lisa VanWagner, MD, MSc, FAST (More Info)
  • Editor In Chief: Stefan Zeuzem, MD
  • Last Reviewed: 9/4/18 (What's New)


  • In countries with a temperate climate, > 90% of children acquire chickenpox during the first decade of life. In tropical countries, significant numbers of primary infections occur in adults
    • Before approval of the varicella virus vaccine for children in the US, most children and essentially all adults older than 50 years of age in the US had evidence of previous VZV infection[Kilgore 2003]
  • Morbidity and mortality rise markedly when primary infection occurs after 5 years of age and are highest in adults older than 65 years of age[Hanslik 2003]

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