Hepatitis C Management in Special Populations

  • Author: Mark S. Sulkowski, MD (More Info)
  • Editor In Chief: Stefan Zeuzem, MD
  • Last Reviewed: 8/17/18 (What's New)


    Transmission and Prevalence
    • Worldwide, 2.3 million people with HIV infection have serological indicators of current or past HCV infection[WHO 2017]
    • An estimated 6.7% of persons with HIV infection in the United States are coinfected with HCV[Bosh 2018]
    • In Europe, Israel, and Argentina, 32.4% of individuals with HIV infection tested positive for HCV antibodies in a large ongoing study[Peters 2014; EuroSIDA]
    Natural History
      Diagnosis and Pretreatment Predictors of Response
        Timing of Hepatitis C Virus Treatment Initiation
          Treatment Options
            Genotype 1 HCV/HIV Coinfection
              Non–Genotype 1 HCV/HIV Coinfection
              Adverse Events
                Drug–Drug Interactions

                Action required