Hepatitis A Virus and Hepatitis E Virus: Different Viruses With Similar Stories

  • Author: Kenneth E. Sherman, MD, PhD (More Info)
  • Editor In Chief: Stefan Zeuzem, MD
  • Last Reviewed: 5/17/18 (What's New)


  • HEV infection is usually self-limited but immunosuppressed patients (eg, transplantation recipients, patients receiving chemotherapy, or patients with HIV) are at risk of developing chronic infection[Kamar 2010; Koning 2013; Ollier 2009; Dalton 2009]
  • The diagnosis of chronic HEV infection may be considered when HEV infection persists for more than 3-6 months[Kamar 2013]

    • Diagnosis may be challenging due to the absence of symptoms, limited availability and variability of HEV assays, and the complex setting of immunosuppressed transplantation

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